Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adventures in Reading!

Here is the color version of that sketch posted ever so long ago. Scott said he looked like a cross between Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes (mostly because of the hat), then he said, "Well, he looks gay, anyway." I think I can confidently add him to the list of people who believe the world's greatest fictional detective to be a secret wearer of the green carnation. I'm also on that list.

Speaking of which, another on that list gifted me with some lovely books and a sweet card with Eskimo Jones looking forward to a year of adventure. Beacoups thanks, Laura!!!


Corey said...

Oscar Wilde was gay too, wasn't he?

Laura said...

Oh my god that is the most beautiful Lance and Eskimo picture my eyes have ever beheld!!!!!!!!!

Lance is so hot. Yowza.

Laura said...

Dude, Corey, where have you been? Oscar Wilde's horrible boyfriend's father, the Marquess of Queensbury (of boxing rules fame) called him a bugger, so said horrible boyfriend goaded Wilde into suing for libel, a suit which he lost, and he was sent to prison for two years' hard labor for the crime of sodomy, where his health broke down and he wrote De Profundis, and he was reunited briefly with the horrible boyfriend after his release but died soon after, THAT is how gay he was.

Laura said...

Ahahahahah I just saw that Lance is reading a chapter called "How to bag the governor's daughter."

I will stop commenting now. (I mistyped that as "commending." THAT TOO)

PS. you are the only person who doesn't think Lance Redcloud wears the green carnation

Ali Blackwell said...

Laura, how many times did I wish such chapters existed... and with diagrams to boot! They'd teach me when to joke at her expense so she gets all huffy, and back off just in time before she thinks I'm a jerk. That's when she softens and turns away as our eyes meet. It'd all go to hell, though, when I tell her that no, in fact, I cannot do anything about her father's gout.

Maybe I can impress her with my skills in yard work.

Or I could get a life.

Laura said...

I can't tell what the diagram is depicting. Please tell me it is an actual bag.

ehehehehehe you sassy irishman.