Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Dangerously

Here's hoping everyone's having a completely awesome Valentine's Day! I feel as if I say this every year, but whatever: All of you who are bitter and dateless, GET OVER IT! I have been single more often than not on Valentine's, but I still have fun no matter what. I see it as a chance to celebrate how much I love my friends and family- and to make silly Valentines and heart-shaped food.

I'm thinking about polishing this one up and making it into a card design or portfolio piece. Possible captions for the inside include:

You're in my sights!
Love hurts!
Love Dangerously
This Valentine's Day I promise you Pussy Galore!

I welcome any other suggestions y'all might have.


Laura said...

Are they the Bond girls from Dr No and Live and Let Die on purpose?

Ali Blackwell said...

Bond girls on purpose but not specific Bond girls. A bit of the Emma Peel as well.

Corey said...

How 'bout something for those of us who like guy kissing.

Laura said...

Fair enough. I see a wetsuit and a knife and I think Honey Ryder.

Corey: Aaaaaamen.

Ali Blackwell said...

I don't get much out of guy kissing... or kissing guys OH SNAP

Anyway, if you want a guy/guy valentine, make your own!!!

Cory said...

Caption 1 and 4 are equally awesome in my eyes, love dangerously int so bad either lol ;)