Saturday, August 30, 2008


61+ illustrations in a month... I'm DONE, man! There may be some edits here and there, but essentially the crunch is OVER. Now I can work out for like 3 hours straight on my off days... Or cook real food other than yogurt and granola, or finally crack those accordion songbooks I bought 4 months ago, or see my friends (if I still have any at this point), or see a movie, or ride horses, or EVEN MAKE SOME ARTS.



Anonymous said...

why did you do 61+ illustrations in a month and why is that not art?

Ali Blackwell said...

It was for a series of RPG manuals... They needed someone in a pinch and I agreed to do it. It is art- didn't mean to imply it wasn't- I just meant maybe I'll work on personal projects.

Lauren said...

YES YES YES! It will be very nice to have you back.