Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jacket Makeover, part 1

At the beginning of the roller derby season, I was commissioned by one of our two announcers, the Rev. Al Mighty, to overhaul a jacket and "derby that fucker out"- Which is to say, make it loud and embellished so as to be seen from a distance, say, at a championship bout. (SHAMELESS PLUG: The championship is on September 19th! Go to www.providencerollerderby.com to find out more!)

Anyway, here is the sketch I'm using:

All outlined out and ready to start painting!

Gray and white go on smoothly; neons not so much.

Color is added... plus sparkly gold puff paint! Thank you, Wal-Mart, and thank you, Cranston.

Adding in the lightning. I mixed the flourescent orange with white so it'd be easier to lay in. Plus being lighter and less saturated, it wouldn't compete so much with the rest.

End of day 1. Still to come: Lettering, studs and rhinestones, plus clouds and lightning for the front of the jacket.

My room is a mess!

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Lauren said...

I think you should paint a pair of skates next!