Friday, January 15, 2010

Ergh Argh

Sample page from the comic I illustrated for writer Cheri Couillard... Soon to be appearing in Zombie Bomb 2 this spring! Wheee! Maybe someday I will see my work in physical form... I've done t-shirts, posters, some covers, some RPG stuff, and some comics, but I swear to God other than two Weekly Dig covers, I have never held a printed version of my illustrations in my hands. Ever.

EDIT: Psych, I forgot about Providence Roller Derby merch and promotional materials. Other than that, though... Y'know... Ain't seen it.


Ian said...

congrats. Can't wait to see it in stores.

Lauren said...

Woo! I've been wondering how that was coming along. The Department is doing a Zombie-themed show and I have to get my piece started.