Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Annie M*****F***ing Warbucks

Annie could hang. Annie knows what it's like to escape from a shitty group home and live on the streets with no one but a stray dog as company. She escaped a trio of rotten apples scheming to exploit her for money and then kill her ginger ass. The term "Great Depression" meant nothing to this tiny badass as she stared down all adversity with a smile on her freckled little face. If any redhead could round out the group of Sucker Punch girls, it's Annie.


Christopher said...

Man, I wish you'd painted her with the terrifying hollow eyes from the comic..... but-- this looks great anyhow!

Ali Blackwell said...

I did, actually. It didn't look quite right. I figured the goggles were enough of a nod to pupil-less-ness (?).

Dave M! said...

What a terrific premise. Surprise no one thought of it decades ago. From this sole picture, your take is certainly consistent with Harold Gray's political views. Hopefully you'll do a full comic, if you haven't already.


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