Saturday, March 15, 2008

Over the Top

I banged this out today as a wraparound cover for mini-version portfolios I'm making to leave behind at portfolio reviews. I realize there are some technical issues here, but as it's a cover and not a "real" portfolio piece, I just let loose and have fun. Hopefully the joy comes across more strongly than the mistakes.

Now the real challenge is how to lay out the interior images so that they're organized... I don't know if I can do double-sided prints on my HP, so it'll be a complete hackjob, probably. Lately I've been perusing craft books that bill themselves as "punk-rock" or "DIY". I hate these terms. BUT. Maybe people will buy into it. DIY punk-rock minifolios.

In a recent interview, Siouxsie Sioux claims that punk isn't dead; it lives on as long as the attitude does. Well, Siouxsie, no one is wearing clear plastic raincoats and nipple tape anymore- They're making books on how to bedazzle old t-shirts. My face crumples into a teary mess.


Rob Rey said...

Totally sweet cover!

Ali Blackwell said...

Thanks! I felt like one of my students doing this: "And she's gonna be an angel... with LAZER EYES, and like, lightning bolts, and a mohawk, and roller skates, and, and, and, a PONY, yeah, and a crossbow... and a RAINBOW i mean a rainbow crossbow, and..."