Monday, November 15, 2010

Lupo's project, part two!

Next up was Ronnie James Dio, lead singer of various metal bands including Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and DIO. I love Dio for the bands that he influenced and the genre he helped create. Rock on in Valhalla, Dio. Or the Elysian Fields. Wherever it is that heroes go. Details:

Distortion from the digital camera is regrettable, but there was no place in my house that I could stand the portraits up to take a good photo. They are roughly 8 feet tall. NEXT: George Harrison!

No, really, what are you doing in the basement?

For the past month and a half I've been hiding out in my basement, not posting any new work, skipping practices, talking to a volleyball, etc. but I assure you it's all in the name of art. A fellow artist ( and I are working on large-scale memorial portraits of musical icons for Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence's landmark nightclub and music venue. One of the club's hallmarks is its collection of memorial portraits, all life-sized and displayed throughout.
My first was James Brown, the godfather of soul and hardest-working man in show business. Detail shots: