Monday, December 31, 2007

Wrath of (Shere) Khan

Okay, the explanation for this drawing reminds me of crits at RISD where people would use an illustration assignment as a starting point and end up with something that's very concept-heavy but utterly indecipherable. The most common reason for this was language barrier, but I think in my case I just let my imagination run wild a little too often.

Anyway, I was bummed out about the tiger attack at the SF Zoo recently. I know I'm being callous, but I was much more upset about the tiger being killed than the kid. Siberian tigers are on the verge of extinction; only about 600 exist in the wild and roughly that many live in captivity. It brings up a weird moral quandary: Should the lives of humans be a priority over an endangered species? In a kill-or-be-killed situation, should you defer to the tiger because it's in short supply? Also, could the police have wounded the tiger instead of killing it? Why didn't anyone have tranqs?
I have a giant soft spot for tigers. I always wanted a pet tiger, but the truth is their beauty was definitely meant to be appreciated from afar. As afar as you can possibly get. Even if you live with tigers, rehabilitate them, train them, or take care of them, just because they're familiar with you doesn't mean they won't kill the crap out of you if you upset them. The only time humans and wild animals can foster a peaceful coexistence is when neither has to kill to survive... like in the afterlife. This could also be said for groups of humans that don't get along. A bummer, but there it is.
I hope Tatiana is prancing about in Kitty Heaven, where meat doesn't come from animals and no one gets hit by cars or whips or bullets. I want to go to Kitty Heaven when I die, too, and then we can be friends like I always wanted.
PS: My scanner is teh $uxx0rz!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A cowgirl named Cookie

A few days ago I was asked about what characters and stories I have archived in my mind for future comics, but I was only able to recall two ideas, both of which I'd been kicking around since high school. I feel like an idiot- I completely forgot that ever since I went to see the Ed Rossbach exhibit at the MFA with London in October, I've been longing to do a girls' adventure story set in the Old West. I don't know if I'll get around to it any time soon, but I wanted to draw some cowgirls.

(Ed Rossbach, Old Carrol, 1989)

My first sketch was pretty lackluster. She looked too modern, and frankly, more like a calendar girl than an actual prairie-dwelling dame. Probably the next image in this sequence would be sans a few layers of clothing.

I get frustrated with myself at times... I had intended Cookie to be more cartoony, maybe reminiscent of Christine Norrie's comic style (see below), but I ended up with a cowgirl who looked A LOT like Katharine Ross from when she was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Complete coincidence, I promise.

Christine Norrie was a regular on Hopeless Savages, one of my favorite comics from my high school days.

I didn't erase the pencil lines because all of my erasers have mysteriously disappeared. I looked for them in every place I could think of, but no dice. It's entirely possible my cat stashed them in various locations around the house, in which case I'm up a creek until I get back into town to buy some more.

Stay tuned for more cowgirls and color versions as well!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've had enough of your lip!

Dudes, you can come out now; Christmas is over. Thank God.

Speaking of thanks, here is a piece I should have done ages ago! I'm thinking of reproducing it many times and using it as my thank-you card for all the people that gifted me this season. Good idea, or too tongue-in-cheek? Also, if you were wondering (probably not), both hipsters are ME! I am by turns gorgeous (male hipster) and horrifying (female hipster).

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My goals today are to do some arts and crafts...

When I was in rehab, I was told I needed a hobby and should try "arts & crafts". Mary Kate took up crocheting, Lindsay likes to knit (I swear to God, rehab is responsible for the Stitch & Bitch yarn renaissance), and I made many tacky bracelets.

There weren't many beads I didn't use, but I did avoid the beads with words engraved on them, like "HOPE" and "DREAM". My very first bracelet was a direct response:

My sister told me she wanted a "DESTROY" bracelet of her own, so I decided to make her an improved version for Christmas. I was super excited to find these little copper skulls at the bead store... I was searching for something like grenades or machine guns, but I think the skulls are understated and classy.

Then I made one for my mom- She's been through a lot this fall and quite a bit of it is because of me, so here's what I did for hers:

Here's the kicker, though: The charm is an outhouse. Seriously! Inside is a little bare-assed dude reading a periodical!

Take that, Mary Kate.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Yes! It's true! I'm posting again, not ten minutes after my initial post. I just wanted to throw in this sketch. I started working on this piece back in October, but halfway through I had to put it on hold for a month. I scanned the finished painting and promptly lost my flash drive, which I only realized after I'd given the painting away as a gift. I was kicking myself for my stupidity, plus I really didn't want to have to further embarrass myself by asking to borrow the painting to re-scan. Amazingly, though, I got an email yesterday from someone who found my drive! It's a Christmas miracle!

I've actually tended to have really good luck with things I've lost. Complete strangers often reaffirm my faith in the human race by returning stuff to me- Stuff I shouldn't be allowed to have because I just lose everything.

So anyway, until I get the drive back and can post the finished piece, here is the sketch.

Fish out of water

The past couple of days I've been working on a test piece for a local ad firm- A funny assignment because the style they wanted was pretty different from how I usually work. Still, it was fun to do because I got to try out a new method and the folks I was working for have been SUPER NICE.

I also had time to knock out this little ink drawing as well. I really like pen & ink; I feel like the secret to line weight is just doing what feels good to your sensitive little fingers.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

same day delivery

Yes, I am posting again in the same day. There's been a lot to catch up on. I've been all Rip Van Winkle lately. Here's a couple of pieces I knocked out this week. I'm still working on the jeweler picture.

Welcome... To My Closet.

Whew! That was exhausting.

I caved and now have a blog for sketches, process, and a place to post my linework before I mess it up with color.

This group of sketches is from September and October. At the time I was at a particularly low point, and this will be the first time these see the light of day. Yes, they're melodramatic. Please be kind!