Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Valkyrie Edit

That's a little less awkward.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Valkyries, A Crest, & An Edit

I decided that as the content of my minifolios changes, so should the cover. I whipped this up in a couple of days, but I'm not super excited about the valkyrie to the far left. She gave me trouble and I might end up editing her in a couple of days when I have fresh eyes. Otherwise this was a blast to do! Whee!

A coat of arms! When I was looking up heraldic symbols for this, I came across one in particular that charmed me. The "allocamelus", or "ass-camel, is a mythical beast with the head of a donkey and the body of a camel. It represents patience and persistence, which is something I've been trying to apply to my everyday life lately, and especially derby!

And lastly, I did some edits to the bottom of the castle piece because it looked as if the ground just dropped away into null space. Now there are feet of mountains to anchor it a bit more!