Monday, August 4, 2008

More work should have happened

Just got back from a nice trip to Vermont- My dad and I took a road trip to visit my aunt Val at her home/studio in Burlington. She has a bunch of cool projects going on and a studio space that'd make any artist intensely covetous. I went to a skate park near her house to try some ramps on my roller skates, but nothing they had was under four feet high, so I tried a few,
got intimidated by the skateboarders, and took off down the bike path feeling like a total idiot. I later redeemed myself by skating up a very tall, steep hill. The moral of the story was, "Stick to your own kind."
Sunday we all hopped in the car and went to Aunt Val's gentleman-friend's house in Milton. Frank is lucky enough to live right on Lake Champlain, so we could watch the rainstorms travel across the lake before they hit us. All in all it was a relaxing weekend- Except for the part where I was furiously drawing a million robots. I'll sleep when I'm dead!
Oh, oh- AND I'm now a licensed driver!

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Laura Hughes said...


you are now better than me!