Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun with Black & White

Up first is Corey's tattoo design, a stylization of the Manchester Street Power Station and its iconic smokestacks, nicknamed "the sentinels" by our friend Melissa. I feel it's important to tell you that it was drawn from life, not photographed and run through a filter. Corey parked his car illegally so that I'd have a good view to draw!

Then there is the cleaned-up Mob Squad logo. Before I knew anything about inking or Photoshop, I drew a logo for my fledgling roller derby team, which, to my embarrassment, is still reproduced on t-shirts, stickers, and all kinds of promotional materials for Providence Roller Derby. I got sick of looking at it! It was so ugly! I redrew the whole thing, so now it's the same, but slightly better drawn and much much cleaner. Fuhgettaboutit!


Corey said...

*gasp* - that looks Awesome!

BearHatStudio said...

if corey gets those things really tattooed, he should get their red lights at the top in red ink, you know?
it looks beautiful!