Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Grandma" Preview

Whew. So. That's done. I swear I've had Europe's "The Final Countdown" on continuous play in my head for the past few weeks as I've been furiously drawing and inking my roller derby short. My only day off was this past Saturday when I skated with Connecticut Rollergirls as a guest player in their recent expo bout. It was a welcome break to actually skate with cool girls in a bout rather than draw cool girls skating in a bout.
Tomorrow I have to finally leave my house ("Sunlight, hisss! It burns!") to scan and mail the pages with super duper Fed Ex quickness. I think I might still have time for a nap.

Also-- Considering the amount of snot that escapes my nostrils on a regular basis during practice, would it be imprudent to practice with a head cold? Just wondering.


Lauren said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the final product.

Lance Tang said...

anyway to see it online?

Alison Blackwell said...

Not yet. The comic is a submission for an anthology and I can't post it until I hear back. If it doesn't get in I can post it right away.

Ian said...

This looks great. Gl!

Lance Tang said...

Good luck to you then!!
i'm sure u can make it!~

Eloise said...

Super cool!

You're not going to the New York Comicon by any chance, are you? If so, drop me a line. (You could drop me a line anyway, actually...)