Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Derby 2009

OK, so- Above is my submission for the 2009 season schedule poster. I have since figured out with the help of a friend or two that Roman numerals, while cool-looking and theme-appropriate, will look like gibberish to most people. I have to say at first glance, I'd think it was weird too. The other issue is that instead of four bouts like in my design, there are eight. Would it look the same if there were eight diagonal comet tails attached to the PRD logo? Could you even read them? Ugh. Graphic design is hard.
The next is my proposal for a new Riveters logo. Personally I would keep the old logo- I'm not saying that because I did it... In fact, most of the stuff I did from 2004-05 in terms of branding and logos for PRD are kind of embarrassingly rough. What I really mean is that consistency is the key to establishing an identity. I think that changing the logos every couple of years or so does nothing to establish branding but in fact does the opposite. We'll look like a league that's amorphous and has not only an identity crisis but a high turnover rate. Dukes posted something on the forum a while back to the effect of: Keeping the original logos acknowledges that PRD was here before us and will be here after we're gone. While it's true that an organization is defined by the people who comprise it, I think she's right. As a founding member I'd like to think that the growing pains, difficulties, heartache, and hard work we went through to establish ourselves left a legacy for future skaters. The aesthetic should reflect this also.
Anyway, If I had to do a new logo, the sketch above is the direction in which I'd take it. Once more I've given the Riveters a logo without a single roller skate on it. Partly it's because these logos are almost always used in the context of roller derby and are recognized by the derby world at large and don't need a pin-up girl on skates to drive the point home. I don't want our league to be represented by another pin-up girl on skates. Riveters helped the war efforts by working in munitions and airplane manufactories. That is why the original logo has smokestacks and an airplane. The woman represented in my sketch is not a sex symbol- She's a worker and she made those goddamn planes. My grandmother was a riveter for a short period of time during the war and I'm pretty sure she didn't do it for the outfit.


Laura Hughes said...

Maybe put dates in the space between the diagonal lines? possibly it could work if you stagger them or otherwise leave enough space to keep it from looking crowded.

The Riveters picture is really cool looking but very complicated to be a logo.

Alison Blackwell said...

Yeah... It is pretty complicated, but one of the steps in converting it from a sketch is making it so it could work in straight black and white. You would be surprised at what we are able to read and recognize in images that are shrunken down.

dwejikalbi said...

i love you.

what if you moved the roman roller lady to more of the right area. and that way you could have four going from each side.
like the four lines just go straight through the circle.

i dono.

i love the riveter a lot! and your commentary.

miss you!!!!