Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So this is my entry for the roller derby fairy tale show... It's a derivative of "Allerleirauh", also known as "Tattercoats" or "All Kinds of Fur", a folk tale recorded and retold by the Brothers Grimm. Rollerleirauh is a beautiful jammer princess escaping the ball in her boutfit that sparkles like the stars, wearing the fur mantle made from all the different kinds of animals that live in the forest as a disguise.

The actual story of Allerleirauh is kind of icky, because she marries her father. Ew!

ALSO: I'm kind of hoping that this is the last roller derby-themed piece for a while. People will start to think I can't draw anything else!


sally said...

so freakin' cool! is she running from neuschwanstein in the background? :)

Alison Blackwell said...

Not Neuschwanstein... But close! For inspiration I used the Eltz Castle.

thegreatkatsby said...

But I love all the roller derby themed work!