Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've had enough of your lip!

Dudes, you can come out now; Christmas is over. Thank God.

Speaking of thanks, here is a piece I should have done ages ago! I'm thinking of reproducing it many times and using it as my thank-you card for all the people that gifted me this season. Good idea, or too tongue-in-cheek? Also, if you were wondering (probably not), both hipsters are ME! I am by turns gorgeous (male hipster) and horrifying (female hipster).


Sir Timmy said...

tongue in cheek? more like words on lip!!! ha ha..ha...crap :(
great stuff though aly! i think you make an equally beautiful hipster...
hope all is well wid ya!
- iron wilson

Alison Blackwell said...

Aww, thanks, Tim! Deep down I believe we are all beautiful hipsters. Now bring on the Pabst, synthpop, and leggings!

Corey said...

Oh, is that me, twice? I drew it myself, with chalk! I can't move, but boy, can I ever pose.

pianoprentice said...

immensely awesome.

kt chae said...

OMG i love this. u should do more in this style ali!!

btw - i might add that the words used for comment verification are ABSURD.

this one is gazhipad.
perhaps it shall be my new screenname.