Monday, January 14, 2008

Things just got 40% more ridiculous

Here is my latest. I was working on some smaller watercolors over the weekend and they sucked so hard I decided to work on something else that was more fun. The cheese factor is pretty high on this one, but cheese? Cheese is delicious.


Corey said...

This girl reminds me a little bit of Jael from cycle 8, for some reason.

Laura Hughes said...

De Rock? Du Rock. De Rock?

Alison Blackwell said...

Damn, my French deficiency is showing!
It's a play on "D'Arc", yeah? Aww, Andy warned me it was a bad idea.

Corey: She probably reminds you of Jael because of that shoot where they had to do this dumb mall photo booth-esque sheet of all the different aspects of their personalities. It ranged from "modelesque" to "happy", but I think the underlying personality represented in all of them was "DUMB".