Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shippy Strippy

So my captain chose these two as a front/back design. I really hope they'll print them as big I meant them to be, because it'll look totally badass. Also I think it's up to the screen printer to convert this to an Illustrator file, so I'm worried I didn't make it clean enough. Will things get lost in translation? Who knows? I did my best.

This next set was from last night's ProvSketchy figure drawing session, which is double-breasted fun for every artist of every skill level or age. Well. Maybe the 11-year-olds should stay home. My compatriots and I were all kind of rusty. I hadn't done figure drawing in almost a year. I'm a bad person! Good thing I disciplined myself by drawing cute girls with big boobs. I have to say, though, if you looked at my sketchbook it'd be kind of hard to pick out the life drawings from the idle sketches because the subject matter is EXACTLY THE SAME. Could it be I'm just a prurient creep after all?

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Rob Rey said...

aww, I almost went to provsketchy last night and I got lazy at the last second. damn my laziness.