Monday, April 29, 2013

Arts & Crafts, Gored Edition!

Yesterday, my derby league participated in a "Running of the Bulls" event 18 months in the making(!) to raise money for Amos House, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless. Runners would create teams or register individually and run through the streets of downtown Providence, and our job was to wear horned helmets and skates, and chase them down and tag them with red paint- If you got red paint on you, you had been effectively "Gored for Good." It was a super great time and raised like $110,000 or something close to that. Part of what made it really fun was that everyone got to customize their helmet! Folks did some really creative stuff with their helmets, notables including a "Beach Bull" with a beach ball helmet cover and snorkel, a "Bull's Eye" covered in targets and darts, some covered in fur of different lengths and colors, flowers, fringe, googly eyes, sparkles, decoupage, creative paint jobs, even bird's nests! I did mine in rhinestones! It took a few separate trips to the craft store (a big thank you to my fiance, whose helmet was already finished) and several hot glue burns, but it got done!
Photo by Patsy "Welts" Coderre

And I had fun wearing it in what looked like the human equivalent of the Chicago Cow Parade. MOOOOO!

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