Sunday, March 16, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Clockwise from top left: Original ink drawing, front page of portfolio proper, minifolio, minifolio interior (it worked out!), mini cover prior to folding, printout of line drawing colored with prismas. Note color swatches up top- I choose the colors before I start. For this I allowed myself a certain number of punch colors and the rest were all neutrals. Still, I ended up with a Lisa Frank pallette. Go, me!
Seriously, though, I went about this project completely half-cocked. Next time I'll choose a more standard size and lay out the interiors with some semblance of uniformity. Then maybe I won't end up with a gushing Exacto wound. : (


Laura Hughes said...

I love behind the scenes!

Choosing colors -before you start-: That's a good idea, huh? I always just scrabble around in my prisma box (which sounds remarkably like scrabbling around in a lego box) and end up using a jillion colors and not being able to find any of them.

Lauren said...

so you printed the mini portfolios yourself?? how did that work?

Eloise said...

Thanks for the comment/flattery, though I have the feeling that Kong is going to kick my ass. (Nick is subbing. Such pressure!)

Also: 1) That Belfast comic of yours is gorgeous.
2) Next week is spring break. Wanna go to the zoo maybe?

Alison Blackwell said...

Oh, Kong. Just have fun with it! I tried lofty symbolism and it FAILED.
1) AWWWWWWWW shucks!
2) Yeah! I still need to see that anteater they got!