Thursday, March 6, 2008


The past few days have been INTENSE. I've spent my afternoons toiling away at many greeting cards (most of them thank-you notes) with the Barchester Chronicles DVD set on as background noise. BTW, Obadiah Slope (nee Slop) is odious indeed! I'll have to read the books soon; I bet they're hilarious.
Regretfully one card accidentally got sealed and addressed before I remembered to scan it, but I didn't want to waste a stamp. It was an Iron Man stamp! He's all the rage right now.


Laura Hughes said...

Skip The Warden; read Barchester Towers.

Unknown said...

The acorn eating creature whose name I cannot reliably spell is the winner here.

Alison Blackwell said...

I agree with you there, mate. A happier little nutball couldn't be found. I'm interested in drawing more things that are impossibly happy!